Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fabulous Forties!

My February Mom Moments blog was supposed to be about several things, one of them being a very special birthday that I was celebrating. Instead, I was led to share the testimony about my son and the high school stabbing and how God answers our prayers.

I didn't want to neglect, however, to mention my birthday. Don't get me wrong--I am not trying to draw attention to myself or guilt you into buying me a present or something. Instead, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to talk about how fabulous the 40's are! Granted, I am pretty new to all of this but things have started off well. First of all, I didn't get depressed...I clearly remember getting very down when I turned 30. There was something about the whole idea of entering a new decade that seemed to get to me. The 20's was such a carefree time. The 30's was a time of really learning what it means to be an adult--to pay bills, raise children, and the like. None of that has changed now that I'm in my 40's but you know what? I feel wiser. I feel like I am finally starting to really understand what life is about--the things that truly matter. This is a huge milestone in my eyes. I see things so differently. To think about the fact that I could potentially have lived already half my life now is a wake up call. I see things with new eyes and with new perspective.

I also feel like the best years are ahead. I don’t really know why. There is no specific reason for me to feel this way. I guess that's just the God of hope working inside me! I don’t FEEL 40 either. I don’t know how 40 is supposed to feel but all I know is that I feel pretty good. Sure, I need to lose a few pounds but my husband still tells me I look good, so I am content (smile).

I do, however, think that part of the reason for the excitement is that I am growing in Christ. I think back to the many years I spent without Him, without a relationship with Him and how differently my life could be right now. In all honesty, my husband and I would have probably been divorced. Our youngest would never have been born. Our children would not be raised in a church. I would have still been angry and bitter about issues from my childhood. I would probably not have a relationship of any kind with my parents. I would be living the party life. I would be living a life of destruction, really. To know that as I grow older, I will be growing IN Christ gives me such an excitement. It gives me a hopeful outlook for the future.

So as I venture into this next decade, I refuse to be a woman that does not disclose her age. I am quite proud to have made it this far. I trust in the plans that the Lord has for me and for my family. This is truly a month of celebration for me! I pray that each of us can feel this way about our lives…that we so love what God has done and has yet to do, that we will treasure every moment and never take our time on this earth for granted.

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