Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wait on God!

Have you ever noticed that when God begins to speak something into your life, it first has to take root before it makes its way out? It’s kind of like the empty vessel that we are to be for the Lord. We have to be empty of self and this world before He can begin to fill it with the things He has in mind.

When God speaks something into our life it is never for our self. Everything is to be turned around and used in the life of another. It could be for your immediate family, your neighbors, a long-lost relative or even the person you haven’t talked to in 20 years.

Yet even though what He speaks to us is to impact others, we can’t begin to take those first steps unless we let what He is doing really sink in. If we don’t allow it to sink in and take root, we will begin to step out on our own and attempt to do things in our own strength.

I am learning through these past few years of serving the Lord that I have to walk in God’s timing. I get so excited for things He does in my life and I tend to want to rush out there and share it…do something. But there is a timing for everything.

Remember when Jesus healed the man with leprosy (Matthew 8:1-4)? Whenever I have read that story I am always so focused on the lesson of how the man said, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” But there is more to this story. Jesus was willing and did make him clean. He was cured of his leprosy.

But then Jesus gave him some instructions that I think we often overlook, “See that you don’t tell anyone.” It might be a little confusing. Why wouldn’t this guy want to go out and declare to the Lord what He has done? It was all about timing.

I don’t know what this means to you…if anything. But to me it means that while I need to step out in faith, I also need to do it according to His timing and in the way He directs me. Don’t let your flesh rule the way this plays out…wait on God.

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  1. A really good point. We may know what we are supposed to do, but we also need to know when we are supposed to do it. I want to wait for God's perfect timing.