Thursday, March 31, 2011

Connecting Others to the Heart of God

One of the first times I spoke in front of other women was to share the story of how God had saved my marriage. There was something very frightening yet freeing about sharing such a personal story. There is a vulnerability to exposing your weaknesses, your faults and your sins before others. Yet I have also discovered that by doing so, we are helping others to connect to the heart of God.

You see, my marriage wasn’t saved because of anything we did. Left to our own devices the marriage would have ended long before we had our three children. But when God intervened, there was no doubt that He became the God of the impossible.

The story of how God came into the mess we had created and turned it into something much more beautiful is not meant to be kept to ourselves. In fact, it is out of our greatest messes that we can most connect others to the heart of God. We already know what He has done in our life but we need to share that with others.

Our testimony gives others hope. Our story encourages and inspires others to trust God. It isn’t always easy to bare our souls but it is always worth it.

This has been what drives me as a writer. It’s not just to share a story for the sake of doing it but to point others toward the only One who can create a beautiful story.

This is why my heart’s desire is to be part of this year’s She Speaks Conference and why I am seeking a scholarship opportunity. It is where women connect the hearts of women to the heart of our Father God. It is where my heart longs to be, to better learn how to serve Him and His daughters through the ministry of writing.

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