Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra Nachos?

Are you living in the supernatural? As Eric Cross sings, “We should be walking in the supernatural.” Who is Eric Cross? He attends my church but he is also a Christian rap artist. Just this morning I got his new CD from him, “The Signature,” which I have to highly recommend.

One of the songs on his CD is called “Supernatural.” Apparently God wanted me to have a real supernatural experience today. Before I share my story, I have to put something out there. Too often we get misconceptions about what living in the supernatural really means. We tend to think of it as being some explosive event in our lives.

Yet the supernatural is really supposed to be about just living day-to-day. Everyday we could be living in the supernatural if we really wanted to.

So here was my just living out my day supernatural experience. I had gone alone to stop at a store after the morning church service and pick up Taco Bell for my family. I ordered my food and while I was waiting for it I noticed on my receipt that there was an extra order of nachos.

Normally I would have done what most of us would have done. I would have told the cashier that there was an extra order of nachos on my receipt…that I only ordered two, not three. Something stopped me. I just decided to let it go.

So I got back in my van with my food, and my extra order of nachos, and put on Eric Cross’ CD. Just as I was passing a guy on the street with a sign that read, “Needs food” the song “Supernatural” came on.

As I drove past him my initial thoughts were things like, “I’ve already passed him.” “Jacob is probably so hungry he will eat that extra order.” Then as the nudging in my heart grew stronger it became, “I am a woman alone in my van. I can’t pull up to some guy on the street.” When the nudging became even stronger it was, “What would I say to the guy? He is going to think I’m nuts.”

See, I was thinking in the natural. But then these words from the song sunk in my heart as I continued the internal battle. “People are watching us…” and “actions prove if He lives inside of us…”

Even as I turned the van around to head back toward him, I was still doing battle. “Our food is going to get cold.” “The kids are going to wonder where I am.” That song just kept speaking into my spirit and I knew that I had a choice to make at that moment. I could keep on toward home and go about my natural way of life. Or I could choose…notice I said CHOOSE…to live the supernatural.

With my doors locked and my window only partially down, I pulled up to the man. When seconds earlier my heart was pounding, I was now feeling an incredible sense of peace. I rolled my window down further as he came to it. I said to him, “I just went to Taco Bell and they accidentally gave me an extra order of nachos. I believe God wanted you to have them.” He smiled and said thank you. He eagerly took the nachos and I said, “God bless” and I was off.

That was it. It was simple yet it was supernatural. That’s what I find so amazing about living in the supernatural. It isn’t always this monumental moment in life. It can be as simple as handing a hungry man an extra order of nachos.

I tell this story for two reasons. One, I have been on the other side when God spoke into my heart to do something and I didn’t. Probably most of us have been there. Who knows what was missed out on. I don’t want anyone to miss out on whatever God has. Two, as I learned today and I hope for others to really understand is that we could be living in the supernatural every single day. We just maybe have to get a new perspective on what that means.

So…what are you going to do with your extra nachos?

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  1. Awesome Stephanie ... and so encouraging that I have those conflicting thoughts as well and yet I still do as God is nudging me to do ... and when I do what He has asked me, incredible peace and joy fills the soul!! I love it!