Monday, April 13, 2009

You Are Being Watched!

My prayer has always been that Mom Moments would be a place that mothers may be able to hear from God. I desire to be His mouthpiece, in whatever way He sees fit. Sometimes it takes the story or experience of another person, sometimes it comes through a teaching, or a thought to be shared. It has also been through my personal experiences that God has been able to speak to others, just as others speak into my life through their personal experiences.

Hopefully this Mom Moments testimony will be yet another encouragement to you that God is good and He is in control and sometimes we go through things and they may not make sense but in the end He can always, always, always be trusted.

I feel so blessed to be able to say that God has answered our prayers and we received a report back from the doctor that my daughter had a benign cyst. The thought crossed my mind, why did we ever have to go through this? If in the end—and believe me, I am NOT complaining—all was going to be well, what purpose did the “scare,” the possibility of cancer serve? You may need to reread my last blog for part of the answer but I think there are other possibilities that need to be considered.

One of the things about the world around us, especially those who do not know the Lord, is that they are watching us. You may find yourself being more closely watched by some more than others. There are people who are intently watching your life because they either want to see you trip up—in other words, they are looking for a way to see you fall—or they want to see if what you believe is for real—in other words, they are looking for some hope and want to know if what you have is really worth anything.

I had co-workers, all unbelievers, who I believe were watching me during this. Some were just casual observers but there are others who were more focused. Those who were more focused had genuine interest in my daughter’s situation and I am sure felt curious about how well I handled the entire thing. However, I would guess that I had at least one co-worker who was not looking for the good in the situation. Unfortunately, I do have a co-worker who seems intent on seeing me mess up. I don’t even want to guess what her reasons are—I am learning to not care enough, to just let it go and go about my business. But a part of me wonders, did God want to show her I was genuine? That I am the real stuff? That I don’t just talk the talk of faith, but I live it? It could very well be. I can’t say that I know for sure. But I do understand that we have a watching world and the way we respond, the way we handle a situation, the way we carry ourselves…all of this is being watched by a bigger audience, one that goes even beyond our children.

My daughter’s 6th grade teacher has some religious beliefs, as he is a practicing Catholic. I look forward to when spring break is over and sharing with him the good news. I look forward to sharing with him how I believe God answered our prayers. He was yet another observer in our lives.

Think about all the people that surround you and are watching you. Are you complaining about situations in your life? Are you worried and anxious? Are those who are waiting to see you trip up being given the evil satisfaction of knowing they were somehow right? Are those who are looking for hope able to look at your life and say, “I want what she’s got!” We may need to consider our words, our responses, and our behavior more closely as we think about the situations in our lives and what the world around us is seeing. We have children watching but we also have others watching. May they see the hope of glory in you—the Lord Jesus Christ!

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